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Experienced Defense For Criminal Cases And Traffic Violations

Have you been charged with a crime in Missouri? Do you need a criminal defense attorney who knows his way around a courtroom and has experience with the local justice system? Don't trust your case to just anyone. Joe has worked on the complete gamut of criminal cases, including anything from a traffic ticket to a capital murder case.

Joe Morrey has literally seen it all and done it all. And he's ready to do it for you, too. Clients who have put their trust in Joe have achieved amazing results and been able to move on with their lives.

Call 816-364-1506 for a free consultation to discuss your defense strategies with Joe.

For over 35 years, attorney Joseph A. Morrey has represented people in criminal and traffic defense cases. He's no ordinary Joe. Early in his legal career, Joe was a prosecuting attorney and public defender. These valuable early legal experiences mean he understands how prosecutors think. This helps him create strong defense strategies for his clients. He will strive for the best outcome to your case.

When Only The Best Representation Will Do, Call Joe

You have a choice in legal representation, so why wouldn't you choose the best attorney for your case? Joseph A. Morrey was named one of Missouri's Top 100 Trial Lawyers. Joe thoroughly researches and prepares every case for court. Joe has helped numerous clients to achieve the best outcomes to their cases.

Joe Defends People Facing State And Federal Criminal Charges

He's no ordinary Joe. As an experienced attorney, Joe Morrey has stood with clients facing a variety of criminal charges from misdemeanors to felony cases, including:

  • Simple possession of marijuana
  • Drunk driving and DWI cases
  • Bad check charges
  • Theft and robbery
  • White collar crime
  • Weapons charges
  • Homicide charges
  • Probation violations
  • Assault offenses

As your lawyer, he will fight to have your charges reduced or dropped, or take it all the way to trial, if necessary.

Traffic Violations Are Worth Fighting

When someone receives a speeding ticket or other moving violation, they may just choose to pay the ticket and not fight it. What many people don't realize is that a seemingly minor speeding ticket or other moving violation conviction can result in much more than just their initial fine for the violation. Other consequences can include:

  • Raised insurance rates
  • Steeper fines for subsequent tickets
  • Loss of driver's license
  • Tarnishing an otherwise clean driving record

Joe knows how to fight traffic tickets and can help you keep your driver's record clear.

Call To Get Started On Your Defense

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Morrey assists people facing criminal charges and traffic violations throughout Northwest Missouri and the greater Kansas City, Missouri area. Call our St. Joseph offices to discuss your case in a free consultation at 816-364-1506. You can also email our law firm if that is more convenient. Attorney Morrey visits potential clients in jail when necessary to discuss their cases. Call Joe when only the best will do.