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Have You Had A Serious Motor Vehicle Accident?

A car accident or accident with any motor vehicle can change your life in an instant. Serious, sometimes permanent injuries can result. You may be taken to the hospital by ambulance. In other cases, you may feel fine at the scene but then notice later that you, in fact, were injured but the injuries surfaced after a few days. Now you're stiff and sore and have an injury that could take months or longer to recover.

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What Causes Car Accidents?

Motor vehicle and truck accidents happen for many reasons such as distracted driving, drunk driving, driving while tired, running stop signs and red lights, crossing the center line, rear-ending another vehicle, speeding, poor driving conditions and more.

When someone is hit by another vehicle, the injuries can be severe, even deadly.

Some injuries people experience include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Broken limbs, ribs and clavicles
  • Strains and sprains
  • Cuts and permanent scarring
  • Concussions

In Missouri, you have five years to bring a case for your injury against the negligent party before the statute of limitations runs out.

You Have A Choice In Representation

For more than 35 years, Joseph A. Morrey has assisted people in Missouri in pursuing compensation for damages from car accidents and other vehicle accidents. He is known for being aggressive with insurance companies, but compassionate with his clients. He is an experienced litigator who prepares every case for trial, but frequently is able to settle cases prior to the start of a trial.

Visit our Auto Accident FAQ page to learn more about what to expect and what to do if you've been in a car accident.

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The Law Offices of Joseph A. Morrey represents people who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers. With compassionate assistance, our lawyer is able to guide people through difficult times and reach the other side, often with exceptional results.

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